Net-lease investors seek credit and essentials

Despite a dramatic decline in overall second-quarter STNL retail transaction volume both nationally and in Colorado, several STNL subsectors continued to transact at an unchanged pace in comparison to prior years.

Net-lease investors seek credit and essentials2021-07-22T17:24:48-07:00

Firm announces sale of building housing Office Depot

Blue West Capital, a Denver-based company that focuses on the purchase and sales of commercial investment properties and retail shopping centers, assisted both the purchaser and seller.

Firm announces sale of building housing Office Depot2021-07-22T17:29:04-07:00

Singling Out Triple-Net Leases

Many real estate investors think nothing could be simpler than an investment in a triple-net-leased (also known as NNN) property. Some liken it to buying a bond. While straightforward to own and operate, triple-net-leased properties can be the most challenging type of real estate investment for advisers to structure or — if the lease already exists — to understand. With lease terms as long as 50 or more years when options are taken into account, due diligence is critical, as changes usually cannot be made later on.

Singling Out Triple-Net Leases2021-07-22T17:31:01-07:00
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