Claire Miller

CLAIRE MILLER Marketing Assistant & Office Manager Contact 720.794.8034

Claire Miller2022-03-01T16:30:01-07:00

Krissy Simmons

KRISSY SIMMONS Director of Marketing Contact 720.966.1631 Krissy joins

Krissy Simmons2021-12-09T13:37:28-07:00

Josh Lorenzen

JOSH LORENZEN Analyst Contact 720.821.2520 Josh Lorenzen supports our

Josh Lorenzen2021-12-09T13:35:48-07:00

Carly Bio

CARLY KELLY (GALLAGHER) Director, Investment Sales Contact 720.828.6290

Carly Bio2021-08-19T03:22:58-07:00


BRANDON WRIGHT Associate Contact 720.828.7457 Brandon Wright joined

BRANDON WRIGHT2021-12-09T13:31:25-07:00

Shawn Bio

SHAWN DICKMANNAssociateContact720.828.8310Shawn@BlueWestCapital.comShawn Dickmann is an Investment Sales Associate and has

Shawn Bio2021-08-08T18:34:44-07:00

Mel Bio

MELANIE WILLIFORD Director of Operations Contact 720.966.1631 Melanie

Mel Bio2021-08-08T18:50:37-07:00

Zach Bio

ZACH WRIGHT Director & Partner Contact 720.966.1628 Zach

Zach Bio2021-08-08T18:28:15-07:00

Brandon Bio

BRANDON GAYESKIDirectorContact720.966.1627Brandon@BlueWestCapital.comBrandon Gayeski is an Director that specializes in the

Brandon Bio2022-02-01T14:46:03-07:00

Tom Bio

TOM ETHINGTON Managing Partner Contact 720.966.1624 Tom Ethington

Tom Bio2021-08-06T10:12:48-07:00
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