Oct 12, 2022

How Blue West Capital Approaches Seller Representation

When investing in real estate, whether buying or selling, having an outstanding team in your corner is key to success. If you are selling an asset, you need an experienced and knowledgeable team like Blue West Capital on your side to achieve the highest price and ensure a smooth transaction process.

At Blue West Capital, we take a tailored approach to seller representation, working closely with our clients to understand their goals and objectives. Our seller representation service is dynamic and promotes the property from all angles. We view our clients as lifelong business partners, not just a customer for a single transaction. Savvy investors know that getting the right information is key to making smart decisions. In this article, we'll outline how Blue West Capital approaches seller representation and why it's beneficial for both buyers and sellers.

A team that works for you every step of the way.

Our team approaches seller representation as an opportunity to help our clients increase their wealth and make informed investment decisions. We always promote our seller's interests with the utmost good faith, honesty, and transparency. While preparing an asset for sale, we keep our clients in tune with any material benefits or risks of the transaction. Therefore, we could uncover information that leads us to conclude that it might not be in their best interest to sell at this time. But if it is, we prepare the property for market. Our strategy is designed to push for the best price and terms the market can bare. 

Sellers who work with Blue West Capital are partnering with professionals who have outstanding market experience, understanding, and expansive networks. We arm each client with an in-depth property valuation, marketing process, industry trends, and needed referrals to enjoy a successful transaction. As a market leader in private capital net lease investment sales, we take pride in empowering real estate owners with the most compressive investment process and market information.

Property preparation that adds value.

Property preparation can take time, as it involves maximizing the assets net operating income. For example, we may have to help negotiate leases or assess expenses to ensure the asset is operating at peak performance and to maximize net operating income. Blue West Capital maintains consistent communication with our clients, discussing market trends, lease rates, and possible capital expenses while offering actional insights to drive better asset management decisions. It's impressive how much value can be found when an asset undergoes a detailed review while being prepared for sale.

Asset valuation is key to understanding a property's marketable value. Blue West Capital gathers all financial information from the owner, property manager, and accounting systems to gain a clear picture of how the asset is performing. During the underwriting process, we leverage market-specific knowledge to create a current value, cash flow analysis, and operational forecasting. These models not only help sellers understand the true value of their asset but are essential communication tools we use to portray the asset's potential to buyers. 

Industry-leading marketing and network outreach.

Our internal marketing team is responsible for producing some of the industry's most innovative offering materials and marketing tactics to guarantee that your property is properly presented to the investment community. Marketing materials for a property must clearly present the investment highlights and property facts in a format that is easy to digest. These documents are almost always our first line of communication with buyers, so high-quality strategic materials are essential to furthering buyer interest.

Blue West Capital’s marketing strategy is carefully designed to achieve a maximum sale price in a seamless, fluid, and market-maximizing manner that is tailored to the client’s objectives. This process is achieved by exposing the property to as many qualified investors as the client desires. We leverage our proprietary email distribution list of over 150,000 active net lease investors and brokers, third-party marketing services, direct phone calls, and other custom marketing strategies to be sure a broad audience sees the property.

Our strong relationships and reputation within the net lease community, and knowledge of the dynamics of the national net lease market, enables Blue West Capital the unique opportunity to present the property to the market in a credible and compelling manner.

Post-closing services.

Our services do not end once the property transaction has been successfully closed but instead shift. Blue West Capital takes on a dynamic advisory role in the sale process to help guide our clients through the next steps in their property investing journey. This means we follow up on open escrow accounts, assist in any 1031 exchange needs, provide market referrals, and address any upcoming lease renewal questions or other portfolio questions. If your goal is a new property acquisition, our team will help you source and secure an asset that fulfills your investing goals.

We work closely with our clients to identify their goals and objectives, then craft customized strategies designed to help them achieve those goals. Whether it's seller representation, investment property acquisition, or investment advisory, we work tirelessly on our client's behalf to get the best possible outcome. We're not just interested in transactions but in building lasting relationships that enable us to create generational value for our clients. If you're looking for a partner who will help you achieve your long-term real estate goals, Blue West Capital is the right choice. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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