Nov 14, 2021

How the Light Rail is Impacting Denver’s Retail Stock

If you’re interested in adding triple net lease investments to your portfolio, the Denver metro area has an ever-expanding number of retail opportunities to consider. With the growth of the Light Rail, more retail centers are located near this mode of transportation than ever before. Due to high levels of foot traffic, retail stock in suburban areas of Denver has excellent potential for investors. Here’s what you need to know about the RTD system and how it’s impacting commercial real estate in Denver:

What You Need to Know About the Light Rail

The Denver metro region is becoming increasingly easy to access via public transportation. The RTD system has existed since the 1990s and is rapidly growing thanks to the voter-approved transit expansion program, FasTracks. Since 2004, FasTracks has added 25.1 miles of light rail track to provide sustainable and accessible transportation throughout Denver and beyond. Future projects include a line extension to Longmont, a Southwest Rail Line extension, a Central Rail extension, and a line to Thornton.

Why the Light Rail is Beneficial to Commercial Real Estate Investors

Denver and the surrounding areas are growing quickly, and the Light Rail is playing a significant role in allowing easy access to retail centers. If you’re considering acquiring triple net lease investments, it may be advantageous to purchase a property that’s located near the Light Rail.

Before 2013, just 10% of retail stock in the Denver metropolitan area was located within one mile of the Light Rail. As the RTD system rapidly evolves, upwards of 30% of this area’s retail stock is currently situated within a mile of a Light Rail station. With more than 23 million square feet of retail stock in proximity to the Light Rail, there’s now an abundance of suburban opportunities for commercial real estate investors to consider. Whether you’re interested in a new property, existing retail, or redevelopment, choosing a location near an RTD station may be an excellent decision.

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